High-Power Counter-IED Vehicle Antennas

As a leading provider of antennas for vehicle applications we provide highly reliable and effective high-power omnidirectional antenna solutions.

Have a look at a selection of our high-power antennas below:

  • WB30512XM | 20-520 MHz | 200 W
    • The WB30512XM is a high-power VHF/UHF vehicle antenna that has been designed for Counter-RCIED and jamming applications within the 20 – 520 MHz frequency range.
  • WB10DXM | 100-520 MHz | 200 W
    • The WB10DXM is a compact VHF/UHF antenna that is ideally suited for vehicle based high-power mobile applications in the 100 – 520 MHz frequency range – to be used on numerous kinds of vehicles.
  • WB225XM | 200-6000 MHz | 400 W
    • The WB225XM is a rugged vehicle antenna with extremely high power rating covering the 200 – 6000 MHz frequency range. The antenna is highly suited for electronic countermeasure applications like high power RCIED jamming.
  • HD827XM | 790-2700 MHz | 80- 175 W
    • The HD827XM is a high gain, high power 4G antenna covering the GSM, 3G and 4G LTE bands. The antenna is particularly suited for vehicle based high power jamming applications.
  • WB525XM | 500-6000 MHz | 400 W
    • The WB525 XM is a compact, high-power and low-profile vehicle antenna that is well suited for jamming applications within the 500 – 6000 MHz frequency range.


High Power Counter-IED Portable Antennas

COJOT is providing High Power Counter-IED Portable Antennas in different versions. These antennas can be used especially on portable platforms for various applications.

Have a look at a selection of our antennas below:

  • WB25175XT | 25-175 MHz | 50 W
    • The WB25175XT is a high performance manpack VHF antenna supporting high-power transmission.
  • WB25512XR | 25-512 MHz | 50 W
    • The WB25512XR  manpack VHF/UHF antenna is targeted at portable high-power jamming applications within the 25 – 512 MHz frequency range.
  • WD1350XQ | 118-512 MHz | 75 W
    • The WD1350XQ  is a rugged, high performance manpack antenna with a high power rating that is particularly suited for jamming applications. Due to its centre-fed design, the antenna does not require a ground plane for proper operation.
  • HD827XQ | 790-2700 MHz | 80 – 175W
    • The HD827XQ is a high gain omni Manpack antenna covering the GSM, 3G and 4G LTE bands. The antenna is particularly suited for high power jamming applications.

Find out our new range of antennas for up to 8 GHz

At COJOT, we are always evolving our product range to ensure it fits the latest needs of our client base.

In February we already introduced two antennas that work up to 8GHz to cover the WiFi 6E band. The antennas WB480M and WD28P are suited to communication, jamming and monitoring applications:

  • WB480M: The WB480M is a compact and low-profile antenna that offers exceptional performance across the entire frequency range, including the WiFi 6E band. With a frequency range of 400 – 8000 MHz, this antenna is well-suited for a variety of applications, delivering excellent performance in a compact form factor.
  • WD28P: Designed as a high-performance omnidirectional portable antenna, the WD28P operates within the 2 – 8 GHz frequency range and delivers outstanding performance. This antenna is specifically optimized for communication applications, ensuring reliable connectivity and efficient signal transmission.

In addition to the previously mentioned antennas from February, we are thrilled to introduce two more antennas that further enhance our product range and address specific application requirements:

  • WBC2800M: This robust ultra-wideband dual port antenna is designed to effectively cover the VHF, UHF, and SHF bands (Port 1. 20 – 512 MHz, Port 2: 500 – 8000 MHz). With its versatility, the WBC2800M is particularly well-suited for high power communication and tactical applications. It provides reliable performance in challenging environments where multiple antenna setups are not feasible or antenna co-location issues may arise.
    • Highlights
      • Two antennas integrated in the same mechanics, combining the advantage of a low visual signature with the capability for an extended frequency range
      • High band, ground plane independent antenna positioned at the top for optimum coverage
      • High power rating, more than 300 W in total
  • WB480W: The WB480W is an extremely wideband (420 – 8000 MHz) and compact magnetic mount antenna with a low-profile design. It offers support for multiple applications and is ideal for scenarios where quick setup and removal are necessary or where a permanent installation on a vehicle is not possible. This antenna provides excellent performance and flexibility, catering to various communication needs.
    • Highlights
      • Ideal operation in the UHF/SHF bands up to 8 GHz
      • High performance, 200 W at 100% duty cycle
      • Compact magnetic mount for easy-to-setup temporary installations

At COJOT, we are constantly striving to meet the evolving needs of our client base, and these new antennas exemplify our commitment to innovation and delivering top-quality solutions. Whether you require antennas for communication, jamming, monitoring, or specialized applications, COJOT provides a diverse range of options to ensure reliable and efficient wireless connectivity in the WiFi 6E band and beyond.