Removable Dipole Radiator for Vehicle and Mast Applications

Having a product that allows for quick platform change in versatile field situations, is a game-changer. COJOT has developed a multi-use antenna concept which consists of a removable dipole radiator and a separate mast mount adapter – providing an ideal solution for multiple tactical scenarios.

The main advantage of this smart installation solution is that no tools are needed for mounting the antenna.

The removable dipole radiator can be mounted onto a vehicle base or attached to a mast, depending on the need and situation in the field.

Furthermore, if the vehicle is in an underground location where it will be required to have access to a ground-based communication system, the removable dipole radiator in combination with the MASTMO can be easily mounted to a tree or any other suitable location.

Quite often the received signal level can also be increased by elevating the antenna from a vehicle roof, for example with a telescopic mast. In such kind of scenarios, this concept provides a perfect solution for users’ needs.

View the products here:

+ WD30512M-B

+ Mastmo (stand alone accessory)

Figure 1: Removable dipole radiator mounted to a vehicle

Figure 2: Removable dipole radiator attached to a mast

For more information, read our white paper here.