COJOT wideband vehicle antennas for the range from 20 – 6000 MHz are a crucial element of today’s demanding RF systems that are used in tactical communication, electronic countermeasure (ECM) and spectrum monitoring applications. Due to their ruggedized nature COJOT vehicle antennas are an ideal choice for installations on all kind of vehicles as well as for fixed installations like on masts, shelters or containers.

We provide dipole and monopole type antennas at power levels from 20 – 200 W. Our highly reliable low- and high-gain antennas feature NATO / US pattern compatible mountings as well as magnetic mounting solutions for temporary installations, making them perfect for the latest RF systems used in e.g. C3I, EW, EOD, VIP and convoy protection applications.

Our broad set of vehicle wide- and narrowband antennas is complemented by a wide selection of accessories including special mounting solutions, a whip tilt adapter, filters and power dividers. In addition, we are able to access the comprehensive portfolio of our sister company Alaris Antennas, with specific expertise in numerous product types, like Direction Finding (DF), Monitoring, Communication and Log Periodic Dipole Arrays (LPDA).

When solid coverage in RF systems is crucial, COJOT has the answer.