COJOT Switched Beam Antennas (SBAs) combine the outputs of multiple antennas in such a way that fixed beams are steered with a heightened sensitivity and gain to a particular or multiple directions. The SBA communicates with the transceiver to detect the signal strength and chooses from one to several predetermined fixed beams and switches between them as the mobile moves throughout the sector. This way the most appropriate constellation of single or multiple beams that are steered towards the desired signal can be selected.

Advantages of SBAs:

  • Single or multiple fixed directional beams with narrow beam width
  • Simple algorithms are used for beam selection
  • Significant increase in coverage and capacity
  • Lower installation costs and less complexity
  • Simple and field proven communication protocol for transceiver interaction

Our Switched Beam Antennas are, thanks to their ability for extremely fast beam switching, highly suitable for complex node networks in tactical communications.