COJOT’s comprehensive range of lightweight, rugged manpack and man portable wide- and narrowband antennas, are a crucial element of today’s demanding RF systems used in tactical communication, electronic countermeasure (ECM) and spectrum monitoring applications.

Our core competencies are in the design, development and customization of omnidirectional dipole and monopole type antennas in the range from 20 – 6000 MHz and at power levels from 10 – 50 W. We provide field-proven low- and high-gain antennas that are ideally suited to many applications, ranging from handheld or manpack multiband tactical radios to wideband jammers.

Our range of wide- and narrowband antennas is complemented by a selection of accessories including a magnetic mounting solution for temporary installations on vehicles and flexible antenna extenders (Goosenecks). In addition, we are able to access the comprehensive portfolio of our sister company Alaris Antennas, with specific expertise in numerous product types, like Direction Finding (DF), Monitoring, Communication and Log Periodic Dipole Arrays (LPDA).

When solid coverage in RF systems is crucial, COJOT has the answer.