Tactical Communications

SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology offers crucial advantages for next level tactical communications. The key criteria in selecting antennas that are suitable for modern portable tactical SDRs is performance, usability and cost-efficiency.

Do your portable antennas match these requirements while offering a low visual signature?

COJOT designs and manufactures an array of effective portable antennas that are not only lightweight with a low visual signature but also cost effective. These antennas can be either monopole or dipole with actively and passively matched models.

Some models feature a gooseneck for a flexible adjustment of the antenna’s angle and a flexible tape type radiator.

Below is a selection of COJOT portable handheld and manpack antennas suitable for tactical communications and use with modern SDRs.

  • Antenna type
  • Dipole
  • Dipole
  • Active monopole
  • Monopole
  • Monopole
  • Applications
  • Handheld/Vest mounting
  • Handheld/Vest mounting
  • Handheld/Vest mounting
  • Manpack/Handheld
  • Manpack/Handheld
  • Frequency (MHz)
  • 1980-2700
  • 225-512
  • 30-520
  • 130-180
  • 225-512
  • Radiator
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Flexible tape radiator with gooseneck
  • Flexible whip
  • Radome
  • Flexible tape radiator

In summary these antennas offer the following benefits:

  • WD1927GH (NEW)
  • Small visual signature – suitable for the L and S Band.
  • Compact dipole antenna with high power rating (24W)
  • WD2250GH
  • Lightweight dipole handheld antenna for the NATO band I
  • Flexible gooseneck and tape radiator
  • TA30512H
  • Active wideband handheld antenna
  • Short height antenna providing superior performance
  • WB1318
  • High performance manpack antenna
  • High power rating (50W)
  • WB2250H
  • Lightweight monopole handheld antenna for the NATO band I

  • Flexible tape radiator

COJOT’s range of portable antennas offer superior performance in an optimally sized antenna for modern day tactical communication. View all our products here.

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