Our SBAs and Direction Finding Go Hand-in-Hand

Did you know?

Our Steerable Beam Antennas (SBAs) can be used for quick and simple amplitude based direction of arrival detection in Counter-UAS applications. Taking advantage of the 20 to 24 sharp beams that COJOT SBAs provide, the direction of arrival of drones can be determined through two different approaches:

Simple Analysis:

With a simple analysis more exact directions of arrival can already be defined inside one beam, i.e. by comparing the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) of those beams that are adjacent to the one receiving the strongest signal (see example in these pictures). Through this simple analysis already a 3 degree accuracy can in theory be achieved with 24 beams.

Detailed Analysis based on Correlative Analysis:

A more complex approach will be based on an amplitude correlative process for DoA estimation refinement, in which the identified ”peak power beam” will be correlated against known patterns in the azimuth interval.

Various extensions/variations of these techniques can be considered and we are happy to discuss these techniques with you more in detail upon request.

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