Our high gain omni antennas are portable and can be used on vehicles and manpacks.

High gain omni antennas are perfect in situations where  the direction of a receiving antenna is not static or known . These antennas can be used on vehicle and portable platforms for various applications, including jamming and tactical communications.

COJOT’s high gain omni antennas covers amongst others, NATO Band I, GSM, 3G, 4G and LTE frequency bands.  We have a wide, comprehensive range, some of which we have discussed below. Please visit our website for our full range.

The HD2245M, with a power rating of 75 or 100 W, is a high gain NATO antenna that does not require a ground plane for proper operation with ideal performance in the 225 – 450 MHz frequency range which makes it highly suited for tactical communication radios operating in NATO Band I.

Our NATO Band I, III and IV antennas are used in various tactical communications scenarios where the requirement is to adapt efficiently to ever changing needs. These antennas are suitable for the military manpack, handheld and vehicle segment, including fixed-site installations such as masts or shelters.  If you wish to find out more, view our video.

The HD2400Q is a high performance manpack antenna that is particularly suited for portable communication and jamming systems used in the S-band. It provides high gain over the entire 2100 – 2500 MHz frequency range

The HD4050M is a high gain dipole vehicle antenna that does not require a ground plane for proper operation. It’s ideal performance in the 400 – 500 MHz frequency range and high power rating make it very well suited for jamming applications.

  • We also have a manpack antenna with similar specifications. Our HD4050Q has a center fed design which minimizes interference of the human body on the radiation performance of the antenna.

The HD36M is a compact vehicle antenna that provides excellent performance over a very wide frequency band. This high-gain omnidirectional antenna comes with a steel shock absorption spring, which makes the HD36M well suited for various applications.

  • Similarly, the HD36 which is a compact manpack version of the HD36M and provides up to +7 dBi (typical horizontal gain)

The HD827XM is a high gain, high power 4G antenna covering the GSM, 3G and 4G LTE bands. The antenna is particularly suited for vehicle based high power jamming applications.

Click on each product to view more about this special group of antennas.  Find us at www.cojot.com or at contact@cojot.com for more information.