Our 5G Antennas for Counter-RCIED / Jamming are Built to Last

These wideband antennas from COJOT have been designed to meet the challenging requirements of mobile Counter-RCIED/Jamming applications for 5G mobile networks.

These portable and vehicle antennas provide enhanced omnidirectional radiation performance to cover 5G frequencies while maintaining high power handling capabilities and a rugged mechanical design.


View the range below:


  • Dual Polarised antenna for MIMO
  • 3.4 – 3.8 GHz
  • 10 W CW power handling


  • Wideband dipole antenna
  • 690-3000MHz
  • 50W power rating


  • High gain dipole antenna
  • 690-3000 MHz
  • Up to 75W power rating


  • High gain/high power dipole antenna
  • 700-2700 MHz
  • Up to 175W power rating


  • Compact wideband dipole antenna
  • 2-8 GHz
  • 20W power rating