Next generation SBAs from COJOT increase performance and usability

Following the great success of the SBA product family, COJOT Finland have enhanced their Switched Beam Antennas to provide improved performance, better system integration and usability.

The most important interface enhancement is the support for Ethernet based control. In addition, the RS-485  is enhanced to support up to 50MB/s communication speed.

Hardware enhancements include better shock and vibration resistance proven by rigorous testing.  The new mechanical platform has been analyzed for various ENV requirements without sustaining any loss of function or degradation of performance and supports options for additional peripherals like GPS antennas, 3D gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer

In addition to fixed-site installations like masts or shelters,  these mechanical enhancements also enable support for

  • Vehicular mounting
  • Naval vessel installation applications.

The usability is enhanced e.g. by clear markings that for example indicate beam zero direction for better antenna alignment.

To find out more about SBAs, watch this video.


SBA2458DB                                    SBA2458DB Interface showing enhanced markings