New Counter-UAS Antennas from COJOT

According to research conducted by Teal Group: “It is estimated that military UAS procurement spending will increase from the current worldwide level of almost $10.6 billion annually in 2021 to $13 billion in 2030, totalling $123.1 billion over the next ten years.”

At COJOT, we pride ourselves in delivering superior antennas that is purpose-built for our client’s needs.

Our new Counter-UAS antennas are the latest additions to our growing portfolio:

The DA36B is a high gain antenna that does not require a ground plane for proper operation.

Its ideal performance in the 3000 – 6000 MHz frequency range and compact size make it very well suited for applications like drone or communication jamming.


The DA4348B‘s is a high gain directive loop antenna. It’s ideal performance is in the 430 – 480 MHz frequency range makes it very well suited for Counter-UAS and communication jamming applications.