Multi Use

Multi Use Antennas

COJOT has developed a multi use antenna concept that allows a quick platform change in rapidly changing field situations. The advantage of this smart installation solution is that no tools are needed for mounting the antenna to the different platforms. 

This multi use antenna concept consists of  removable dipole radiator (for example the COJOT WD2250M-R antenna) and a smart mounting device, called MASTMO.

MASTMO is allowing a quick and easy fixed-site installation, e.g. to a composite mast (Ø 50 – 60 mm). The mast mount antenna solution is also offered as a separate product (see for example WD2250M-B).

They are easy to use in the field and it takes only a minute to move the radiator from the vehicle to the mast and vice versa.

Check this white paper for more information. 

Vehicle installation (Left) and Mast installation (Right).

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