We design, manufacture and distribute antenna and RFproducts for global defense, homeland security and specialized antenna market sectors supporting international Electronic Warfare (EW) system houses and semi-and governmental organizations. Our products are used for:

Military Comms

  • Secure Comms
  • HF/VHF/UHF Comms

Electronic Counter Measures

  • Counter RCIED
  • Comms jamming

Signals Intelligence

  • COMINT -DF/Monitoring

We provide our customers with information on how the radio spectrum is utilized to effectively help enforce compliance. Our fixed, mobile and portable direction finding antenna solutions are best in class for detection and location.

Our products are used for:

  • Spectrum monitoring
  • Direction finding

Our engineering staff has extensive knowledge and practice using up-to-date electromagnetic and structural modeling software. This experience takes them from the office, to the lab, test range, shop floor, and out into the field. We offer both indoor and outdoor testing ranges at each of our facilities. The testing services range is used to verify the designs of new antennas we develop.

We also offer products to customers for test and measurement.

  • Test and measurement services
  • Test and measurement products
  1. Probes
  2. Test Antennas
  3. Test equipment