Our WD2250M and HD2245M UHF Band I vehicle antennas are highly efficient antennas that do not require a ground plane for good operation.  They are well suited for use with modern SDRs, providing effective coverage for a range of voice and data communication systems. These antennas have an option for use with a removable dipole radiator to allow for quick platform changes in the field. This smart solution means that no tools are necessary for mounting the antenna.

The WD2250M is a model of UHF Band I antennas that has a compact and robust design for rough environmental conditions. The HD2245M is easily installed onto vehicles, shelters or masts. Both models provide excellent performance over the frequency range 225-512MHz with the HD2245M being a high gain dipole antenna .

To increase the scope of use for these antennas, weight and corrosion resistance are two key upgrades.  Changing the base material to composite will provide these key features with corrosion resistance enhancing the design for maritime and severe weather use.

We have also improved the interface between the antenna and the radiator to cater for easier attachment and detachment.

Click on the product names to find out more about the WD2250M and HD2245M and read our white paper on removable dipole radiators here.

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