5G has been engineered to increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks, and will allow a vast increase in the amount of data transmitted.

To electronic warfare, 5G means increased hostile threats and the proactive response to this relies on the ability to detect and neutralize hostile threats with the intention of preserving lives.

COJOT’s range of High power EW antennas for 4G and 5G Cellular and WiFi bands have been developed to counter the downside of 5G development.

Vehicle Based Jamming Antennas

  • The WB425XM is a high power, ultra-wideband, compact and low-profile vehicle antenna that is especially suited for jamming applications covering the entire 5G 400-6000 MHz band.
  • The WB460M is a compact, light and low-profile vehicle antenna that is ideally suited for various applications within the 430-6000 MHz frequency range.
  • The WB460W also covers the entire 5G 400-6000 MHz band. This antenna is an extremely wideband and compact magnetic mount antenna of low profile for applications where a quick setup and removal is required or where a permanent installation of the antenna on a vehicle is not possible.
  • The HD827XM is a high gain, high power antenna covering the GSM, 3G, 4G/LTE bands. The antenna is particularly suited for vehicle based high power jamming applications.

Lightweight Portable Antennas

The new WD560P is a lightweight portable wideband antenna covering from 500 to 6000MHz with a CW power rating of up to 250W. The antenna is ground plane independent, allowing the antenna to be used in a range of installations. Its wide operating frequency range makes the antenna suitable for applications such as tactical communications and monitoring. Its high power capabilities make the antenna especially suited for EW, Counter-RCIED and jamming applications.

The HD827XQ is a high gain omni manpack antenna covering the GSM, 3G, 4G/LTEbands. The antenna is particularly suited for high power jamming applications.

Drone Detection and Jamming Antenna

The SBA2458XDB is a high-power dual band switched beam antenna that is particularly suitable for drone detection and jamming applications (WiFi bands). The antenna beam can be switched by remote control to achieve optimal gain and sensitivity to the desired direction and to avoid interference from unwanted directions (LPI/LPD). The antenna provides up to 20 sharp beams with a minimum of 20-degree beamwidth to cover the full 360-degree horizontal area.

This range of antennas covers all possible threats from 5G applications. To find out more about the range of antennas discussed, click on the product name.

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