High-Power Counter-IED Vehicle Antennas

As a leading provider of antennas for vehicle applications we provide highly reliable and effective high-power omnidirectional antenna solutions.

Have a look at a selection of our high-power antennas below:

  • WB30512XM | 20-520 MHz | 200 W
    • The WB30512XM is a high-power VHF/UHF vehicle antenna that has been designed for Counter-RCIED and jamming applications within the 20 – 520 MHz frequency range.
  • WB10DXM | 100-520 MHz | 200 W
    • The WB10DXM is a compact VHF/UHF antenna that is ideally suited for vehicle based high-power mobile applications in the 100 – 520 MHz frequency range – to be used on numerous kinds of vehicles.
  • WB225XM | 200-6000 MHz | 400 W
    • The WB225XM is a rugged vehicle antenna with extremely high power rating covering the 200 – 6000 MHz frequency range. The antenna is highly suited for electronic countermeasure applications like high power RCIED jamming.
  • HD827XM | 790-2700 MHz | 80- 175 W
    • The HD827XM is a high gain, high power 4G antenna covering the GSM, 3G and 4G LTE bands. The antenna is particularly suited for vehicle based high power jamming applications.
  • WB525XM | 500-6000 MHz | 400 W
    • The WB525 XM is a compact, high-power and low-profile vehicle antenna that is well suited for jamming applications within the 500 – 6000 MHz frequency range.