High Power Counter-IED Portable Antennas

COJOT is providing High Power Counter-IED Portable Antennas in different versions. These antennas can be used especially on portable platforms for various applications.

Have a look at a selection of our antennas below:

  • WB25175XT | 25-175 MHz | 50 W
    • The WB25175XT is a high performance manpack VHF antenna supporting high-power transmission.
  • WB25512XR | 25-512 MHz | 50 W
    • The WB25512XR  manpack VHF/UHF antenna is targeted at portable high-power jamming applications within the 25 – 512 MHz frequency range.
  • WD1350XQ | 118-512 MHz | 75 W
    • The WD1350XQ  is a rugged, high performance manpack antenna with a high power rating that is particularly suited for jamming applications. Due to its centre-fed design, the antenna does not require a ground plane for proper operation.
  • HD827XQ | 790-2700 MHz | 80 – 175W
    • The HD827XQ is a high gain omni Manpack antenna covering the GSM, 3G and 4G LTE bands. The antenna is particularly suited for high power jamming applications.