Gripping stuff: New Magnetic Mount Antennas from COJOT

Where a quick mobile setup and removal is required, our magnetic mount antennas are unmatched.

Our omnidirectional magnetic-mount antennas feature a strong, rugged magnet base for temporary mounting on suitable magnetic surfaces such as a vehicle roof or engine hood. The mag-mount grips the applicable surface very well, with a typical vertical holding force of 280N.

Our new magnetic mount antennas include:


Low profile dual band magnetic mount antenna which supports multiple applications. It is two antennas integrated into the same mechanics and operates ideally in the 130 – 500 MHz and 790 – 2700 MHz frequency bands.


This heavy-duty magnet mount vehicle antenna is perfect for fast and robust temporary installations. It has a rugged and low-profile construction with a built-in low noise amplifier to enable longer cable connection to the receiver.


Particularly suited for communication and jamming applications, this high gain magnet mount omni antenna covers the GSM, 3G and 4G LTE bands. It is highly compact with a unique electrical design.