COJOT Steps Forward into Growth

’Success breeds success which requires that we position ourselves in the best possible way for further growth’ says Samu Lentonen, managing director of COJOT.

A proud supplier of antenna solutions for over 35 years, COJOT successfully continues to strengthen its role as a recognized and trusted partner for the supply, design and development of sophisticated SMART antennas, cutting-edge omnidirectional VHF/UHF/SHF wideband antennas and accessories for mobile and tactical communication, electronic counter measure and spectrum monitoring applications.

‘To meet the rising demand for COJOT products, we have increased the infrastructure capacity of our head office in Espoo, Finland. Our new larger facilities and state of the art equipment will support high quality and improved RF services, giving our customers in the global defence market the assurance they need that we can meet their demands stated Samu.

If you are planning to visit COJOT soon, this is what you can expect to see:

  • New modern collaborative workspaces and meeting rooms:
  • New, enlarged lab facilities and cutting-edge instrumentation:
    • RF-Lab:
      • New anechoic chamber:
        • Frequency range: 500-8000 MHz
        • Chamber size: 4 x 6 m (Measurement distance: 3 m)
      • Open air measurement track
        • Frequency range: 20-600 MHz
        • Measurement distance: 60 m
      • New accelerated high-power computing (HPC) unit for CST simulations
      • New measurement and prototyping tools like VNA and microscope
      • New automated Matlab-based Measurement software for R&D and Production: Depending on the measurement setup, the COJOT team is now able to measure products about 60-70 times faster per frequency.

    • HW-lab:
      • Own environmental test lab for testing and analyzing according to MIL-STD-810G
      • Temperature and humidity test chamber
      • Immersion tank (size 3 x 0.7 m)
      • UV test chamber
      • Vibration table
      • Oak Beam track
    • Upgraded protoshop.


Above : Protoshop

Above : New offices