Portable Wideband Antenna

WD560P – New Portable Wideband Antenna

The new WD560P is a lightweight portable wideband antenna covering from 500 to 6000MHz with a CW power rating of up to 250W. The antenna is ground plane independent, allowing the antenna to be used in a range of installations. Its wide operating frequency range makes the antenna suitable for applications such as tactical communications and monitoring. This Portable Wideband Antenna has high power capabilities making the antenna especially suited for EW, Counter-RCIED and jamming applications.

  • Frequency range: 500 – 6000 MHz
  • Ground plane independent
  • Power rating: up to 250 W
  • Height: 380mm

See the data sheet from the product page or contact us for more details!

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PDF Product Catalogue

PDF Product Catalogue

We are excited to announce the release of our new PDF Product Catalogue.

Whether you are looking for a suitable antenna for your next project or just want to have a comprehensive, easy-to-use compendium of available COJOT antennas that can be used offline, our new PDF product catalogue is here to help.

Choose your category of interest and select your preferred antenna from a list of items (sorted by frequency range).

With a single click you can now download the latest version of our PDF PRODUCT CATALOGUE >>

COJOT is part of the Alaris Holdings Group of Companies




Dear COJOT clients and partners,

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) is paralizing the world and circumstances around us are changing rapidly. We are closely monitoring the situation and have been implementing precautionary measures at COJOT to support the health and safety of our staff. We are highly committed to do all that we can to keep our services going and disruptions to business limited.

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Our sister company Alaris Antennas will have to shut their factory and cease manufacturing for a period of 21 days. On the evening of 23rd March, the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, implemented a nationwide COVID-19 lockdown for all South Africans and non-essential companies starting at the end of Thursday, 26th of March until Friday, the 17th of April.

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Dipole VHF/UHF Vehicle Antenna

COJOT is introducing a new dipole vehicle antenna type for the 30 – 512 MHz frequency range. The brand new WD30512M is a dipole solution that doesn’t require a ground plane, making it ideally suited for vehicle and mast mountings.

The antenna’s removable radiator supports COJOT’s multi-use concept (see white paper).


  • Dipole antenna – no ground plane required
  • Detachable radiator – without the need for tools
  • Multi-use concept allows quick & easy mounting to different platforms

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Dual Port

Wideband Dual Port Antenna

COJOT is introducing a new dual port vehicle antenna that combines the advantage of a low visual signature, like in the WBC2300, with the capability for an extended frequency range from 20 to 6000 MHz, like in the WBC256.

This new antenna, called WBC2600M, has been developed to provide a more cost-effective dual port ultra wideband solution with enhanced robustness and improved lead time requirements.

  • Two antennas integrated in the same mechanics
  • High band, ground plane independent antenna positioned at the top for optimum coverage
  • High power rating, more than 300 W in total

COJOT is part of the Alaris Holdings Group of Companies.

COJOT completes antenna deliveries for NATO funded RCIED Jammer systems

We are extremely proud to announce that COJOT has successfully shipped a significant number of various antenna models that are used with a vehicle mounted RCIED Jammer system which was selected by NATO for the Future Afghan Sustainable Counter Measures (FASE) program.

The RCIED Jammer system was selected to provide counter measures against improvised explosive devices for the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) vehicles.