Ultra wideband dual port antenna 20-6000MHz

When solid coverage in RF systems is crucial, COJOT has the answer. Our wideband vehicle antennas for the range from 20 – 6000 MHz are a crucial element of today’s demanding RF systems that are used in tactical communication, electronic countermeasure (ECM) and spectrum monitoring applications. Due to their ruggedized nature COJOT vehicle antennas are an ideal choice for installations on all kind of vehicles as well as for fixed installations like on masts, shelters or containers.

The WBC2600M is a highly robust wideband dual port antenna effectively covering the VHF, UHF  and SHF bands. It is well suited for high power electronic countermeasure and tactical communication applications, especially where a multiple antenna set-up is not possible, or antenna co-location problems may occur

This antenna has been developed to provide a more cost-effective dual port ultra wideband solution with enhanced robustness and improved lead time requirements.

  • Two antennas integrated in the same mechanics
  • High band, ground plane independent antenna positioned at the top for optimum coverage
  • High power rating, more than 300 W in total

Looking for a stationary/semi mobile version?  Look no further than the WBC2600B.

The WBC2600B is a stationary dual port antenna that effectively covers the VHF, UHF and SHF bands and is  ideally suited for semi-mobile and fixed-site systems used in ECM, communication and monitoring applications.

In combination with the optionally available mast mount element (e.g. MS256)
the antenna can also be fully employed as a self-standing antenna on the ground or on a tubular mast.

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Land Forces

COJOT products exhibited at Land Forces 2021 in Brisbane Australia

LAND FORCES 2021 is a premier international land defence exposition, showcasing equipment, technology and services for the armies of Australia and the Indo-Asia-Pacific.

Rojone, a partner to COJOT will be exhibiting at this year’s Land Forces exhibition.  They will showcase a range of cojot handheld antennas as well as our SBA4450B.

The SBA4450B is a switched beam antenna for the 4400 to 5000 MHz frequency band (UHF band IV). The antenna beam can be switched by remote control to achieve optimal gain to the desired direction and to avoid interference from unwanted directions. The antenna provides up to 20 sharp beams with a minimum of 20-degree beam width to cover the full 360-degree horizontal area. In addition to these sharp beams the antenna can also provide wider beams. The antenna provides superior gain performance with low side lobe levels. Its extremely fast beam switching ability makes the antenna suitable for complex node network in tactical communication.

Multi use high performance

Multi Use High Performance Dipole Antennas

COJOT has produced multi use high performance dipole antennas where the same radiator can be used for both vehicle and mast mounting.

The WD30512M and the WD30512M-B support the multi use concept. These  antennas work in the  30 – 512 MHz frequency range. Some features of these antennas are:

  • Dipole antenna – no ground plane required
  • Detachable radiator elements – without the need for tools
  • Multi-use concept allows quick & easy mounting to different platforms

If you want to find out more about COJOT’s multi-use concept, read our white paper here.

COJOT is part of the Alaris Holdings Group of Companies.

Linwave Technology

Alaris Holdings Purchases UK based Linwave Technology

South African based Alaris Holdings has long been on the lookout for opportunities to widen its already substantial footprint, which has resulted in the acquisition of UK based Linwave Technology. A specialist in the RF (radio frequency) technology field, Alaris Holdings company has grown from a small consulting service into a powerhouse, globally recognised for its extensive expertise and continuous development of intellectual property.

The Alaris Holdings Group currently consists of four entities – Alaris Antennas (based in South Africa), COJOT (based in Finland), and mWAVE Industries and Alaris USA (based in Maine, USA). With the acquisition, the Group increases its global footprint even further, boding well for future growth.

UK based Linwave Technology was founded in 2003 and focuses on the design and manufacture of  RF/microwave components and subsystems. The company supplies its advanced and customised products across multiple markets, from defence, avionics, marine, industrial, satcom and healthcare to space, wireless, transport and security. Their extensive RF/microwave capabilities were a great attraction for the Alaris Group, as was the prospect of widening its scope into other markets from its core in the defence segment.

Alaris Holdings Group CEO, Juergen Dresel, has indicated previously that Alaris set out to complement the Group with strong RF/microwave electronics design and RF assembly capabilities. Linwave Technology fits this strategic requirement like a glove. A share purchase agreement was signed on Friday 26 February, with the same effective date.

“Linwave will contribute greatly to the diversification of various elements in the Group, adding new products, new customers, new territories and new market segments like medical and aviation. There is no doubt that this will lead to some great cross-selling opportunities within the Group,” stated Juergen Dresel.

While Linwave already boasts an expert skillset in the RF/microwave field, Chris Carr, Linwave’s Sales Director, said that they are “excited to become part of an international group of companies, thereby exploiting synergies to create new business opportunities.” He added that “the acquisition will provide an opportunity to integrate our RF/microwave electronics technology with the core antenna business of Alaris, to produce cutting edge and advanced system solutions to our combined customer base.”

The acquisition is a watershed for both the Alaris Holdings Group and Linwave Technology. The Alaris Holdings subsidiaries have developed their product range over the years from a components-based offering to more complete antenna systems solutions. By adding a strong competency in RF/microwave electronics design and manufacture, which complement the product offering, the Group and its subsidiaries will be well-positioned to take a distinctive lead in a niche market. Moreover, it is expected that Alaris’s established global footprint will assist Linwave in its drive to fulfil export potential and support a wider customer base outside the UK.

The companies share very similar value systems – centred around the customer – providing dedicated engineering teams driven by an open, honest interest in supporting their customers’ needs and providing world class RF and microwave technologies for specialised requirements and harsh environments.

Ian Duke, Managing Director of Linwave Technology, noted that “the management team and shareholders of Linwave are excited about the future of the business” and confirmed that “Linwave is proud to be able to add value to the already advanced Alaris products by means of our intellectual property.”

Mr Dresel added that “the plan is that Linwave becomes the ‘go-to place’ for RF/microwave design and developments required within the Group”, concluding that “by Linwave becoming part of the ALH Group of companies, (it) will allow us to become more system orientated. This enables us to strategically move up vertically in the value chain.”

Following its normal approach, Alaris will make no changes to the Linwave management team. Linwave will join its sister companies, COJOT and mWAVE under the Alaris UK Investment holdings entity, and the Linwave board will remain majority manned by UK residents.

COJOT is part of the Alaris Holdings Group of Companies.

Smart Antennas

Innovative Smart Antennas enhance RF capabilities

COJOT Switched Beam Antennas (SBAs) are innovative smart antennas that provide beam steering functionality i.e.; enabling to steer beams with a heightened sensitivity and gain to a particular or multiple directions. With their ability for extremely fast beam switching, our SBAs provide improved performance and enhanced capabilities to RF-Systems used in applications such as:

  • Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS)
  • Tactical communication networks
  • P2P and P2MP networks (C4I, 4G/5G, Public Safety, etc.)

Our SBA smart antennas are available for various frequency ranges and at different power levels. The features include 24 individual patch elements that can be configured for various beam modes.

The advantages of COJOT SBAs are:

  • Improved coverage and LPI/LPD
  • Different Beam modes configurable (e.g. wide and omni)
  • Dual polarized solutions for MIMO applications
  • Fully environmental and in-theatre tested mechanical platform supporting mast and vehicle installations
  • Simple and fast field-proven control protocol

Watch this video to see the technical capabilities of our Switched Beam Antenna when used in a C-UAS application for drone detection and countermeasures at an airport.

For more information or for a quote, contact us here.

Test Measurement

COJOT Increases Speed of Test Measurement

In striving for service excellence, COJOT continuously looks for new or improved ways of working with test measurement.  Recently, we introduced new software in our anechoic chamber to improve our measurement and testing procedures.

We are now able to measure the products through their operating bands about 60-70 times faster. In addition to the shorter test measurement time, the software enhances the capturing of antenna performance characteristics in greater detail that provides more information and speed for analysing the antenna designs.

Jarkko Unkeri, VP Product Management at COJOT stated that “in the long run, this improved efficiency shortens our time to market, giving our customers more time to work on other critical aspects of their projects.”

COJOT is part of the Alaris Holdings Group of Companies.