COJOT SBAs move with you

Just released – new video on how our SBAs provide superior operability and advanced capabilities for next generation tactical communication applications.


These SBAs have 360 degrees omni coverage which is switchable into wide or sharp beam patterns that can be configured at high speed to efficiently and safely transmit and receive tactical data ensuring improved coverage along with enhanced probability of intercept while exchanging vital information between coalition troops.

Apart from multi-polarised and multi-band options, our SBAs support adapting networks like MESH even while on the move.

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New Counter-UAS Antennas from COJOT

According to research conducted by Teal Group: “It is estimated that military UAS procurement spending will increase from the current worldwide level of almost $10.6 billion annually in 2021 to $13 billion in 2030, totalling $123.1 billion over the next ten years.”

At COJOT, we pride ourselves in delivering superior antennas that is purpose-built for our client’s needs.

Our new Counter-UAS antennas are the latest additions to our growing portfolio:

The DA36B is a high gain antenna that does not require a ground plane for proper operation.

Its ideal performance in the 3000 – 6000 MHz frequency range and compact size make it very well suited for applications like drone or communication jamming.


The DA4348B‘s is a high gain directive loop antenna. It’s ideal performance is in the 430 – 480 MHz frequency range makes it very well suited for Counter-UAS and communication jamming applications.

Gripping stuff: New Magnetic Mount Antennas from COJOT

Where a quick mobile setup and removal is required, our magnetic mount antennas are unmatched.

Our omnidirectional magnetic-mount antennas feature a strong, rugged magnet base for temporary mounting on suitable magnetic surfaces such as a vehicle roof or engine hood. The mag-mount grips the applicable surface very well, with a typical vertical holding force of 280N.

Our new magnetic mount antennas include:


Low profile dual band magnetic mount antenna which supports multiple applications. It is two antennas integrated into the same mechanics and operates ideally in the 130 – 500 MHz and 790 – 2700 MHz frequency bands.


This heavy-duty magnet mount vehicle antenna is perfect for fast and robust temporary installations. It has a rugged and low-profile construction with a built-in low noise amplifier to enable longer cable connection to the receiver.


Particularly suited for communication and jamming applications, this high gain magnet mount omni antenna covers the GSM, 3G and 4G LTE bands. It is highly compact with a unique electrical design.

Our Communication SBAs

COJOT SBAs provide superior operability and advanced capabilities to next generation tactical communication applications. These new steerable beam antennas feature multiple patch elements that when for example used with RF-Devices in a multi domain C4I network – allow to select between different beam modes. Various sectional beam modes, like sharp and wide directional beams, as well as a 360 degree (Omni-mode) can be configured at high speeds to efficiently transmit & receive tactical data, messages and voice communications even in complex operational environments – ensuring improved coverage and enhanced LPI/LPD resistance while exchanging vital information between coalition and joint battle troops.

View our range below:

The Counter-UAS SBAs from COJOT Packs a Punch

COJOT Steerable Beam Antennas (SBAs) are a perfect match to Counter-UAS and Anti-Drone applications. Our latest Dual-Band SBA2456DB (10W) and SBA2456XDB (100W) for the 2.4 to 2.5 and 5 to 6 GHz range feature multiple patch elements that allow for selection between different beam modes, like sharp and Omni. Using the COJOT SBA in a Counter-UAS system allows to transmit and receive with just one antenna, while also gaining Direction Finding (DF) capabilities for a quick and simple amplitude based direction-of-arrival detection.

Check out our new Counter-UAS section that presents various antenna types for the 400 – 6000 MHz frequency range to efficiently detect and defeat drones – suitable for mobile and fixed-site installations.

Removable Dipole Radiator for Vehicle and Mast Applications

Having a product that allows for quick platform change in versatile field situations, is a game-changer. COJOT has developed a multi-use antenna concept which consists of a removable dipole radiator and a separate mast mount adapter – providing an ideal solution for multiple tactical scenarios.

The main advantage of this smart installation solution is that no tools are needed for mounting the antenna.

The removable dipole radiator can be mounted onto a vehicle base or attached to a mast, depending on the need and situation in the field.

Furthermore, if the vehicle is in an underground location where it will be required to have access to a ground-based communication system, the removable dipole radiator in combination with the MASTMO can be easily mounted to a tree or any other suitable location.

Quite often the received signal level can also be increased by elevating the antenna from a vehicle roof, for example with a telescopic mast. In such kind of scenarios, this concept provides a perfect solution for users’ needs.

View the products here:

+ WD30512M-B

+ Mastmo (stand alone accessory)

Figure 1: Removable dipole radiator mounted to a vehicle

Figure 2: Removable dipole radiator attached to a mast

For more information, read our white paper here.

Field-proven magnetic base Antennas with strong holding force

COJOT’s omnidirectional mag-mount antennas are the preferred choice for applications and circumstances where permanent installations are not possible and a rapid deployment and removal is preferred or even required.

We provide a wide range of antennas covering VHF, UHF, GSM, LTE, 5G, WiFi and other bands. Each antenna features a strong, rugged magnet base for temporary mounting on suitable magnetic surfaces such as a vehicle roof or engine hood. The mag-mount grips the car very well, even at high speeds, with a typical vertical holding force of 280N.


Magnetic Mount Accessories

Standard types of vehicle (NATO/US base flange) and portable antennas can be installed with our optionally available mag-mounts, allowing antennas to be used for a quick and easy temporary set-up, including retro-fitting, providing a cost effective solution to overcome restrictions with permanent installations.



This is our range of field-proven magnetic mount antennas and accessories:

WB25512W (25 – 512 MHz)

WB30108W (30-108 MHz)

WB30175W (30-175MHz)

WBCX512W (118-512MHz)

WB460W (420 – 6000 MHz)

WB525W (500-6000MHz)




COJOT beam steering antennas with support for dual-polarized MIMO 

COJOT supplies Switched Beam Antennas (SBAs) for different frequency bands with support for MIMO (multiple input multiple output) – featuring dual RF inputs/outputs that are connected to a different polarization of the radiator elements. MIMO is an essential requirement as modern Radio Systems are often relying on this to enhance the capacity or coverage of a radio network.

COJOT SBAs are currently in use at major global players in multiple applications – fielded to Tactical Communication networks both on land and at sea. These contain fixed Point-to-Multipoint as well as Mobile-Ad-Hoc-Networks (MANET). SBAs fit extremely well to these kind of adapting networks like MESH – where on top of higher layer routing, physical RF link routing can also be utilized.

2x2MIMO System

Spectrum monitoring and management are key factors in these kind of modern communication networks and with different beam modes and fast beam steering capabilities, COJOT SBAs provide an ideal solution for these – offering enhanced LPI/LPD resistance.

SBA Enhances LPI/LPD Resistance

Automatic and quick network setup and management 

In addition to superior performance features and enhancements, COJOT beam steering antennas can also improve and facilitate common basic routines in a wireless network. One such example is when you add a new node to a mobile network, it is often problematic and time-consuming to manually allocate the precise direction of the best signal with directional antennas. However, using a SBA in omni-mode, the new node can join the network immediately and the link can be optimized afterwards by searching for the strongest signal using the SBA’s narrow beam. Similarly, the wide beam mode provides faster scanning time. The possibility to utilize sharp beams within a frame rate over the 360-degree area opens many possibilities for network management and usage of advanced network routing protocols like OSPF (Open Shortest Path First).


Coming Soon

  • BAND L/III+ (1350-2700 MHz): SBA1327B-DP

Introducing New 4G/5G Antennas for Counter-RCIED/Jamming Applications

COJOT introduces new wideband antennas that have been designed to meet the challenging requirements of mobile Counter-RCIED/Jamming applications for mobile networks.

In addition to high power handling capabilities and a rugged mechanical design, these new portable and vehicle antennas provide enhanced omnidirectional radiation performance to cover 4G / 5G frequencies.

View the new range:


  • Wideband dipole antenna
  • 690-3000MHz
  • 50W power rating


  • High gain dipole antenna
  • 690-3000MHz
  • Up to 75W power rating


  • High gain/high power dipole antenna
  • 700-2700MHz
  • Up to 175W power rating


  • Compact wideband dipole antenna
  • 2-8 GHz
  • 20W power rating

New Extended Beam Steering Antennas from COJOT

In a world where drone strikes are a near-daily occurrence, counter-drone measures are becoming increasingly important. At COJOT, we are working tirelessly on our beam steering antennas and proudly introduce two new versions with enhanced counter-UAS antenna functionality.

The new extended dual band SBA2456DB (10W) and high power SBA2456XDB (100W) are now covering the full 2 and 5GHz WiFi frequency bands (2.4 to 2.5 and 5 to 6 GHz), while providing the same excellent performance with up to 24 sharp beams and a minimum of 20-degree beamwidth to cover the full 360-degree horizontal area. The SBA2456 models are equipped with the latest updates of the COJOT SBA product family, including support for fast RS-485/422 and Ethernet interfaces as well as thoroughly environmentally tested mechanics – according to MIL-STD-810.

Fields of applications: Counter-UAS, Counter-Drone, EW, ISR applications

COJOT SBA product family:

C4i Band IV/C: SBA4450B and SBA4450XB

C4i Band III+/L: SBA1327B

5G: SBA3438B-DP