Actively Matched Vehicular Antenna TA3925M

COJOT is expanding its smart antenna portfolio with the TA3925M, a steel-whip vehicular antenna with active matching. The TA3925M is the newest member in the COJOT Mission Adaptive Antenna Family. The antenna is a specifically optimized for the 30-88 and 225-450 MHz bands. This low profile antenna can be tuned by remote control to use the optimum matching circuitry at the required frequency.

Key benefits of this Vehicular Antenna:

  • Enhanced performance (+12 dB provides 4 times longer link length in free space )
  • Fast tuning to a new frequency band allows the antenna to be used in different kind of applications
  • Support of very wide transmission bandwidths
  • Durable steel whip radiator for a low visual signature

Download the data sheet here

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