Actively matched antennas for vehicle radio communications

Adaptive vehicle antennas TA3090M and TA30512M.


Improved gain performance with fast tuning abilities. Up to 6 dB better gain. 

Our range of active vehicle antennas, for the 30–90 MHz and 30–520 MHz frequency range, offers a perfect fit to current and next-generation VHF / UHF tactical radio systems.

30 – 90 MHz 

Antennas TA3090M (External control via data connector) and ATA3090M (Autonomous control) 

  • Power rating: 50 W 
  • Height: 2000 mm 

» Download Tunable VHF/UHF antenna TA3090M data sheet
» Download Tunable VHF/UHF antenna ATA3090M data sheet

30 – 520 MHz 

Antenna TA30512M (External control via data connector)

  • Power rating: 50 W 
  • Height: 1920 mm  

» Download Tunable VHF/UHF antenna TA30512M data sheet